Association Membership

Has your membership lapsed? Is it time to renew? Thought about joining but just haven’t gotten around to it yet?
Now is the time to do it!

The dues year is from 1 July to 30 June. You must be a paid member to vote.

Membership Benefits:


Membership card

Email Newsletters at unspecified times throughout the year.Real Navy Seal

Printed Newsletter, normally published in November each year.

10% discount at the Ship’s Store.

10% discount on Reunion Registration Fees.

Wainwright Shipmate Location Services if information is on file (See roster).

Dues are for members who served aboard one of the USS Wainwright ships:

  • One year membership – $20.00

  • Two year membership – $35.00

  • Lifetime membership – $300.00

    • receive a free Association patch and ships ball cap

  • Associate one year membership – $15.00

    • Associate members are for those who did not serve on a USS Wainwright


Two ways to join your shipmate!

Membership Form click-here-buttonPayPal Form




We ask shipmates who served on a USS Wainwright ship to also use this page to register with the association.