Meeting Minutes

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USS Wainwright Veterans Association Annual Board Meeting July 17 & 18, 2015 West Columbia & Charleston, SC


July 17, 2015

19:18 meeting called to order by Association President Edward Cookenham.

In attendance:

Edward Cookenham, President

Walter F. Turbyfill, Secretary

Jerry McKnight, Treasurer

Ken Merrifield, Master at Arms

Skip Greene, member

Kurt Ausbeck, member

Richard Molck, member

Jerry Shwarz, member


Old business

Minutes from last meeting were not available, President Cookenham will get copies before end of weekend.


Treasurer’s report: Jerry McKnight presented the treasurers report:


Current Status:

General Fund: $5256.50

Trailer Fund: $3874.47

Reunion Fund: $1663.95


General fund Ship’s Store and dues revenue

Dues Collected $2130.00

Replenish Ship’s Store $163.87

Printing services $1585.86

Trailer insurance $14.00

Trailer maintenance $2272.10


Motion to accept treasurers report by Walter Turbyfill, seconded by Jerry Schwarz, all present approved.


Membership: President Cookenham reports:

 180 members now listed as deceased

2 erroneously listed as deceased have been returned to active status

4716 shipmates now on the roster.


Report of Reunion committee postponed until 7/18/15.


Report of Nominating committee postponed until 7/18/15.


Trailer Fund/ Operation Status:

A lengthy discussion ensued as to the operation/maintenance/operation of the trailer including needed maintenance, as well as funding/reimbursement of expenses. Jerry McKnight discussed recognizing those within the association who have donated “large sums of money” to the trailer fund. No action taken.


Richard Molck presented a report on the Midwest tour:

He gave great insight as to pros and cons of trailer display and lessons learned on recent tour.


Ships Store:

Ships store operator Kurt Ausbeck gave a report on operation of same; a discussion on the stocking levels/ items/needs and wants of ships store ensued. Kurt would like to do away with VHS tapes, there are new patches available (gulf of Tonkin) as well as DD-62 hats. There was discussion of Ships store accounting and upon a motion by president Cookenham, seconded by Ken Merrifield, it was approved by those present to establish a separate account for the ship’s store in order to more accurately track costs and assess profitability. Kurt Ausbeck also made it known that he will give up operation of the ships store at the 2016 reunion; a replacement operator will need to be secured at the upcoming reunion.


Newsletter President Cookenham:

Discussed the newsletter in general and # of people receiving same & those who are not and asked for any help anyone could offer to try and increase the people who get the newsletter and trying to increase membership and participation in the Association. President Cookenham also mentioned a cartoonist who had given permission to use his work in our newsletters.


Website Richard Molck:

Discussed the Association website and the very real need for a complete overhaul. A complete redesign would likely be somewhat expensive. It was discussed that if we could do a redesign and have a volunteer from within the association maintain the website and not be at the mercy of a paid “webmaster” which is a somewhat antiquated position; we would be better able to respond to change and have a timelier, up to date website. Richard agreed to check into details for this and report back at a later time.



A brief discussion on the reunion was held. There are several hotels vying for our business and all seem to be mostly equal as far as amenities, accommodations, and such. Further discussion was tabled until the next day.

Meeting was adjourned at 21:30.




All present on 7/17/15 present with the exception of Skip Greene and Richard Molck.


09:30 am meeting called to order by President Cookenham:

Further discussion of ships store needs. Motion by Walter Turbyfill to transfer $1500 from general fund to ships store fund, seconded by Jerry McKnight, approved. President Cookenham again discussed possible amendment to by laws of a separate account for ships store. There was also further discussion of trailer repairs/maintenance. All members present proceeded to travel in 2 vehicles to Charleston to view possible reunion venues. The first stop was The Charleston Plaza where we were joined by Ricky Horne. It was a very nice hotel, great layout and amenities. Second stop was Charleston Marina & Resort. After a lengthy discussion it was decided that if we could get the room rate fairly close to that of Charleston Plaza, the Charleston Marina & Resort was the better facility. Since it was a Saturday and no Management on duty at either hotel; Ricky Horne volunteered to make contact with both hotels in the following week to secure firm commitments on room rates; after which we would vote via email to confirm reunion location.


7/18/2015 19:30

Returned to West Columbia, SC to continue board meeting;

 Same people present. There was a discussion of possibly putting together a memorial book to be available at or shortly after the reunion. Also discussion of possible sponsorships to help defray costs of reunion. Discussion of possible speakers for reunion. No action taken on any of these items. Will be handled by reunion committee and voted on via email.


New Business:


There was a discussion of requests received by some members and/or spouse of former USS Wainwright sailors who are looking for help in securing benefits for exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam conflict. There was discussion of the possible need for a liaison to take the lead and volunteer to help in that capacity; no action taken at this time.  2018 reunion locations: Discussion of possible locations for the 2018 reunion included Gettysburg, PA; Wilmington, NC; Valley Forge, PA; Destin, FL and Branson, MO. Board entered into closed door session for the purpose of nominations and voting for recipients of Capt. Lockee and Lonely Bull awards. Non board members were excused at this time.

20:45 Meeting was adjourned