Association’s Committees

Our organization maintains several committees that serve the
membership. If you would like to participate, please contact
the committee chair for more information.

Bylaws Committee:

Chair – Ken Merrifield – MAA

John Gardner, Attorney

Joe Mitchell, Attorney

USS Wainwright Bylaws

Military EagleExecutive Committee:

President Manny Seligmann

Vice President Richard Molck

Secretary Robert Bennett

Treasurer Jerry McKnight

MAA Donald “Skip” Greene

Ship Traveling Museum Committee:

1  Chairman,  5 members(odd number)

Chair:  Richard Molck

To gather information on preserving our artifacts.
To find the correct way to display our artifacts.
To head the team of volunteers on the preservation of our artifacts.
To submit all artifact ideas to Executive Committee for approval.
To report to the Executive Committee on our artifact restoration

Ship’s History:

1 Chairman, 4 Members

Chair : J.C. Carlson
Members :

To find all available history of the ship named Wainwright
To organize all data collected in a workable tool
To work with Ship’s Museum Committee to create displays
To create Ship’s Picture album
To report all progress to the Executive Committee


1 Chair, 4 members

Chair: Ed “Cookie” Cookenham
90’s: Mike Mitchell
80’s: Jim Coy
Plank Owners:

To organize and maintain Ship’s roster
To promote and find Ship’s company
To organize and promote annual membership campaign
To be responsible for membership cards, welcome aboard package
To report to the Executive Committee on the status of membership

Reunion Committee:

Executive board / board of directors


Website Committee:

Chair: Richard Molck
Members: Jerry McKnight, Manny Seligmann

WebMaster: Richard Molck

To keep web site up to date.
To report to the Executive Committee on the web site progress

Ship’s Store Committee:

1 Chair 2 Members

Chair: Kurt Ausbeck
Members: Jerry Schwarz

Manage Ships Store stock.
Review new offerings for the ships store.
Recommend item pricing to Executive Committee for approval.
Report Ships Store status to the Executive Committee