Our Traveling Museum

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Getting ready for the Old Solders Parade

Mid-West Tour 2015


Mid-West Tour 2015


Mid-West Tour 2015



Traveling Museum 2016 Schedule


April 21st-24th Melbourne Florida Vietnam Veteran’s Reunion.


May 26th-31st Memorial Day Freedom Tour. We will be going up the East Coast ending in Washington DC For Rolling Thunder.

Trailer Memorial Day Weekend Campaign

July 13th-17th USS Wainwright Reunion, Charleston, SC

August 5th-8th Alpharetta Georgia Old Soldiers Parade

September Kokamo Indiana Vietnam Veteran’s Reunion CANCELLED LACK OF FUNDING

November 5th either Charlotte, NC or Charleston, SC Veteran’s Day  Parade

November 11th Columbia, SC Veteran’s Day Parade

All dates are subject to change. Several shipmates fund this out of their own pockets. Donations are greatly appreciated to make this happen. Last year our Mid-West tour, we raised enough donations to pay for our gas. To make a donation go to the donation page, download the donations form, and mark trailer on it.


Have the Museum at Your Location

To get the traveling museum at a location that you would like, please contact rmolck@mpcomputerservices.com.


Back Camera

Alpharetta GA. Harry Chaffin ready to go.