Veterans Association

Wainwright Veterans Association was formed in 1987 by John C. Carlson

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If you have photo's and would like them to be posted:

Scan them or what ever you have to do. Do not paste them into your email, send them as attachments. Each picture should also have a description for its name. Send them to me WebMaster . . If they are pasted (embedded) into the email that's where they will stay, takes to much time for me to save each one individually and rename them.

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Photo's submitted by
Approx.Time Frame Taken
? Photos from the ships decommissioning ?
Dave Harmon Crashed Helo Med 1989
Ken Zalewski's Photo's ?
Steve M. Photo's ?
Dennis Beckers Sydney Harbour 1968 Australia 1968
? Wainwright in dry dock at Metro Machine ?
Gary Davis Photo's 1977
W. F. Denby and his wife The return from the deployment to the Persian Gulf 1988
Mike Lettau Photo's ?
Richard Emily Assorted pictures of Wainwright and a few of the crew 1984
Richard Emily A few pictures while on a tour in Italy 1984
Dan Bowman 911_Artifacts_removal_Trip Sept. 2001
Walter Gutzmer Assorted Photo's ?
Walter Gutzmer Assorted Photo's 1973-74-75
Dave Baugus Assorted Photo's 72-73
Patrick Hinnant, ITCS(SW) Ret Assorted Photo's, I was an RM3 then 1984 – 87
  Sinkex - HMS Tireless - Sinking the Wainwright 2002
Richard Emily Assorted ship pictures 1986-88
  Pictures of the North Atlantic 1987
  Ship Visit while removing artifacts  
  Ship Photo's (Title says DLG-28 But its not)  
  Pictures of ship activities  
  1986 Med Cruise Pictures  
  A few Pictures of Artifacts collected  
  Some pictures of the 89 Med Cruise  
  Assorted pictures of ships visit  
  Assorted pictures of the Gulf  
David Oyer Assorted pictures